Beijing FLUOBON Surfactant Institute

Technology Show




We concentrate to research & develop application technologies. The following table will guide you to know about our technology & product. Detailed technology information could be seen from the guideline.




Aqueous film-forming foam fire-extinguishing agent (AFFF)     

The patented formulations of AFFF are looking for cooperation. It is applied to extinguish the fire of burning oil by water.

Formations of water-in-fuel microemulsions


The formulations of water-in-fuel microemulsions developed by Prof. Guo-Xi Zhao and Prof. Bu-Yao Zhu in Peking University are looking for cooperation. It is applied to effectively enhance the efficiency of fuel, gasoline, and diesel oil.


The structure and the synthesis procedure of this new, high-efficient, mild, green and environment-friendly detergent are looking for cooperation. It is a completely green and safe detergent for home/personal care.

Enhanced oil recovery

Surfactants & assistant agents


Petroleum sulfonate & its mixed system with other surfactants

Assistant agent of combination flooding

No alkaline formulation/organic alkaline formulation