Beijing FLUOBON Surfactant Institute

About Ourselves

What we can do: Technical Service


See a green-hand to become specialized

An opportunity to get close to applicable chemistry

FLUOBON Technical Service We support research, development and production activities through a broad range of off-the-shelf products and expertise in sourcing, manufacturing, and technology partnerships.


We also provide the service of training lab assistant and GC operators.

It’s our honor to cooperate with those chemists, factories and enterprises in fields of scientific research and industrial applications. We keep an open heart for communication with friends all over the world.


Testing & Training for Customers

Measurements of surface tension, interface tension, viscosity, contact angle and polymer molecular weight

 Evaluation of surfactant performance

 Process development, custom synthesis and contract manufacturing of surfactants

 Training for lab assistant

 Training of gas chromatographic technique (GC operation)