Beijing FLUOBON Surfactant Institute

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Beijing FLUOBON Surfactant Institute is a professional company for reagent grade and technical grade fluorinated surfactants.

We provide service of high quality for worldwide customers, including technology development, technical service, production and trade of surfactants. We are pleasant to cooperate with international partners. Our technical development & service are based on our solid strength of research, because we are also an academic institute for theoretical research of colloid and surfactant sciences.


Do you know about fluorocarbon surfactant?

Fluorocarbon surfactant (or fluorinated surfactant) is known as those hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorines in molecular structure in hydrophobic group of one surfactant. It can also be categorized in Anionic, Cationic, Nonionic, and Amphoteric (or Zwitterionic) by headgroups.

Fluorocarbon surfactant has its unique specialty that hydrocarbon surfactants are unable to substitute.


High Surface Activity Fluorocarbon surfactants are known as the most surface active type of surfactants up to date, which can efficiently reduce the surface tension of water even below 15 mN/m.

High Chemical Stability & High Thermal Stability Fluorocarbon surfactants are so stable that they can applied under rigorous and harsh conditions.

Both Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Do you know that fluorocarbon surfactant is the only kind of surfactants to effectively reduce the surface tension of oil or other organic solvent?

Another character of fluorocarbon surfactants should be kept in mind: excellent performance of wettability on polar solid-surface and hydrophobic-modification for hydrophilic material surface.