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Introduction of GC capillary column


We cooperate with Prof. Ai-Jin Huang (Peking University) who has more than 30 years’ experience of research on capillary column and gas chromatography (GC), and we produce various types of flexible fused-silica capillary columns that are applied for GC. We have the research group that can study and solve the common problems for capillary column.

Our branded GC specialized columns: Column for alcohol (white spirit) analysis (using condition: constant temperature), b-cyclodextrin column (cresol analysis).

We promise that the price is reasonable and every product of GC column is of high quality. Choose our product of GC column, and you will enjoy our expertise technical service of GC.



Commercial GC column




Inside diameter: 0.10、0.25、0.32、0.53 mm

OV-1, SE-30, SE-54, OV-17, OV-1701, OV-225

Length: 25, 30, 50, 60 m

PEG 20M (upper limit temperature 250 °C)

It can be customized



Column for alcohol (white spirit) analysis (using condition: constant temperature)


b-cyclodextrin column (cresol analysis)